Update 6-11-2020: I had to update this article because last week ProductHunt featured PageMarker and we ended up getting over 200 upvotes and finished #5 for the day !!

I have been working on PageMarker for a month. I have talked to a few customers, identified the problems to solve, built the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and a few days ago launched it on Hackernews and ProductHunt. Compared to my previous launches, I consider this one to be more of soft launch. There was no big preparation or anxiety -  just shipping it, get it on front of people and see what happens.


HackerNews post for PageMarker

The HackerNews launch was "successful" in my eyes. I got some initial signups and people engaged in the conversion. I got asked what make this app different then the competition. Those questions are really useful because as a founder you tend to believe that your app is special and beats every other app in your marked.  I had to think about what makes PageMarker different from the other apps mentioned in the thread and what value it offers.

Having someone else challenge my assumption about my own product helped me put in real words what is the value proposition for PageMarker

PageMarker helps you figure out what links are read / unread, reminds you regularly revisit them and help you take notes as you read.

PS: I wish I had that sentence during the launch 😓

The traffic went down as expected. Most people who check things don't always come back.

Spike in traffic from HackerNews. PageMarker also ended up #6 at the end of the day


The ProductHunt launch was successful in my opinion, we ended up with 206 upvotes and great engagement from the community.

The numbers

Users: 227
Signups in the last 7 days:  130
Users who logged in more than 3 times in the past week: 13
Premium trials: 5

In 2 days, we will see if the user keeps their subscription active

Talking with my users

A few users sent me some feedback on their experience so far. I have talked with them to find out exactly what they hope PageMarker to solve for them.

Features I am focusing on

Those conversation help me separate the important feature from the "nice to have". The ones striked through are completed:

  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Search
  • Import from Google Chrome
  • Chrome extension (waiting for Chrome Store approval)

The Chrome extension has been request frequently by users and ProductHunters - I can't wait to get it in the end of people to try. Here's a video of the extension MVP

Very basic extension.You can add links, tags, set folder, and add notes.

I have a few more ideas, but these are the features that I have judged important based on my customer conversations and launch

Marketing - what am I doing:

For me write code is the easy part, marketing is harder because I am just getting started. So far I have used the @PageMarker twitter account to promote the app and reach out to possible leads: answering to tweets, sharing features, cold messaging people. Not much coming from there yet but I will keep pushing. I also have a blog setup for PageMarker: http://blog.pagemarker.io

TODO: Add SSL certificate to blog

I am going to write mini tutorials and share them where I think people would benefit from them (reddit, hackernews, twitter) and keep my users up to date with the new features coming up.

The verdict

So far it is has been an interesting adventure and I am learning a lot. I am still struggling but I am not feeling as lost as I used to with my other launches.

Thanks for reading :) if you would like to check PageMarker head over to pagemarker.io and start your free 14 days trial!

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