I have entered my first indie maker competition! I am excited and scared at the same time! This year the subject is Work From Home. Makers have to create products that will empower people and communities during these tough times.
My project for this festival will is called Knaqq.

What is Knaqq?

Knaqq is a free platform where people can learn from visual educational mini books on a variety of subjects. Think of it as the free alternative to Blinkist except that it is powered by the community itself. The mini book format is not new. I originally discovered it randomly by accident on Instagram and realized how easy and fast it was to digest information. Here are some example of what they look like:

Source: @TheChrisDo Instagram Page

Creators such as Chris Do and many others take advantage of Instagram's multiple picture posts to share bit sized knowledge about design, business, entrepreneurship, etc. The format is very popular and is used by many creators to teach their audience and acquire new followers.

The Problem

The mini book format is growing on Instagram and other platforms like LinkedIn but it is getting hard for users and creators to take advantage of this format. Creators can easily post mini books but sometimes it is hard for them to find the right hashtags to reach more people. Users have to either know a creator that makes mini books or search themselves using hashtags to find mini books in the subjects they are interested.

The solution

Knaqq will solve this problem by allowing creators to share their mini books and categorize them. It will also help users to quickly find mini books in different categories, bookmark them and follow creators. It will also be an additional channel for creators to redirect them to their website, social media or paid content. I have been working on Knaqq for a few days now and here's what I have so far.

Please keep in mind that I was focused on implementing the backend, authentication and CRUD  first before spending much time on the UI
Home page. You will see the most recent books as well as featured books once I implement the feature
Book page, where you will actually read the book. It has a link to the category and the other's page
Profile page you see the books an author published as well as links to their social media and website

The MVP will allow users to view books, find books by categories and add to favorites. Creators will be able to create their profiles and upload books from the admin page. I have more ideas in mind but for the MVP I will focus on these.

For the first time, I will also document my progress and share everything I learn during this journey.